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April 2024

The "No Time To Waste" feature Let's explore this new functionality

Now SynA reads, listens, watches, and searches for you! We've just added another feature to save your precious time: Initially designed for L3 security analysts (those intentionally not yet replaced by our Synthetic Analysts, which are already capable of covering L1 and L2 SOC operations in a complete unmanned fashion), this feature, aimed at quickly extracting threat intelligence insights, is now available through "SynApps" - the LOGFORCE store - and seamlessly integrates with the all the meshes and models built so far. We continue to implement features aimed at saving time for our users. No more watching long videos or listening to hours of podcasts just to be targeted by ads, view factories, or undergo scraping, only to obtain little or no relevant information needed for acquiring the knowledge you truly need.

Streamline Your Requests with SynA
Effortlessly obtain tailored know-how with a simple message

Now it's enough to simply send an email to SynA, our synthetic analyst, stating what we truly need from lists of URLs, playlists, or simply in a generic way, using the same logic as AdaptiQuery (for example: "Find a video that explains the principles of quantum physics in a simple way, I only have 10 minutes to watch it, so indicate to me where I can focus my attention most") then just look at your inbox: Said → Done!


April 2024

LOGFORCE ENGINE 1.2.1-rc.3 has been released

Built upon a series of industrial patents, our proprietary technology sets us apart in the industry. Our newest advancement: We made even more user-friendly the platform that enables seamless training, construction, deployment, and utilisation of personalised artificial intelligence models tailored to specific needs, even with non-large datasets. Alongside its core, based on an innovative set of mathematical models, the platform features a truly incredible multilevel UI that learns from analysts' preferences for streamlined information access, and integrates seamlessly with devices like Apple Vision Pro and AR tools

Replacing outdated orchestrators and rigid automation tools

At the core of our solution lies a commitment to comprehensive operational analysis and response. The 1.2.1-rc.3 engine, can now map operational perimeters and conduct risk analysis to identify potential threats. This enables our platform to suggest or autonomously implement responses to detected anomalies, enhancing decision-making and operational resilience. In essence, LOGFORCE offers more than just a technological solution: It provides a strategic advantage that enables organisations to navigate through uncertainty and drive sustainable growth. With LOGFORCE, organisations can elevate their operational capabilities, foster resilience, and chart a path towards long-term success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


March 2024

5D "Earth Prime" EcoDataCenter:  Our Vision of the Future! 

In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence models will be stored in a revolutionary manner. Instead of relying on energy-consuming methods, data will be inscribed onto materials like fused quartz, which require no energy to retain information and may last billion of years. The survival of our knowledge, whether on this planet or in distant galaxies, relies on the path of decreasing entropy and data gravity: The subtle yet fundamental logic that produces the data is becoming increasingly more important than the cumbersome data itself.

Leading Sustainable Efficiency

This innovation will result in storage solutions with incredibly small physical footprints but massive storage capacities, ensuring the longevity of data storage for billions of years. Leading companies such as Hitachi and Microsoft are already progressing in this direction (image courtesy of Microsoft "Project Silica"). Hardware will evolve into standardised hosting units, capable of displaying their physical composition through output banners. They will read data from a module representing the tasks they need to perform and have slots for plug-and-play artificial intelligence models to optimise operations, understand the surrounding scenario and its possibilities, predict threats, score failures, and rebuild a no longer static 'firmware' at runtime. Our AdaptiQuery interface represents our initial step towards understanding user needs. Additionally, our Support Vector Machine technology facilitates more sustainable data management through an optimisation achieved via patented algorithms, resulting in approximately 80% energy saving compared to traditional approaches.

This advancement heralds a brighter, more efficient future for data handling.

Ten years ago, our vision seemed distant, but today's global trends confirm its viability.
We are confident in our progress, with the cornerstone laid for "Earth Prime," the first AI operations-oriented EcoDataCenter.